Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Christmas Decoration Patterns

I'm gonna put these on the front of Christmas Cards.

These are all made with 3.25 mm needles and bonus dk

c/o 1 st

2: K1, inc1
3: P1, inc1, P1
4: K1, inc1, K2
5:P1, inc1, P3
6:K1, inc1, K4
7:P1, inc1, P5
8:K1, inc1, K6
9:P1, inc1, P7
10:K1, inc1, K8
11:P1, inc1, P9
12:bind off 4, k3, bind off 4, cut off yarn
13: P1, inc1, P2
14:K1, inc1, K5
15: P1, inc1, P6
16: K1, inc1, K7
17:P1, inc1, P8
18:K1, inc1, K9
19:P1, inc1, P10
20:K1, inc1, K11
21:bind off 5, P3, bind off 5, cut off yarn
22: K1, inc1, K2
23:P1, inc1, P3
24:K1, inc1, K4
25:P1, inc1, P5
26:K1, inc1, K6
27:P1, inc1, P7
28:K1, inc1, K8
29:P1, inc1, P9
30:K1, inc1, K10
31:P1, inc1, P11
32:K1, inc1, K12
33:P1, inc1, P13

Bind off all. Sew in loose ends.

Candy Cane

c/o 4 in white

Make an I-cord alternating colour every 3 rows until desire length. cut off yarn, thread thru live stitches and pull tight.

c/o 1 st
1: K
2: inc1, P1
3: inc1, K2
4: inc1, P3
5: inc1, K4
6: inc1, P5
7: P2tog, P4
8:K2tog, K3
9:P2tog, P2
10: inc1, P3
11: inc1, K4
12: inc1, P5
13:P2tog, P4
14:K2tog, K4
15:P2tog, P3
16:K2tog, K2
17:P2tog. P1
I-cord with 4 st, for 5 lines, cut yarn pull thrugh live stitches tightly.

Patterns for Bell, Star and Poinsettia to follow.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010