Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Kesha Hood progress pics

Kesha Wolf Spirit Hood


Kesha. Not really my cup of tea tbh but this was a request, and so far it's been pretty fun to make.

If you aren't sure what a Kesha Wolf Spirit Hood is have a look on her shop here.

Cool, and expensive :O

So, here is my plan:

Arms -
Inside black in garter, I'm gonna do this quite tight so it isn't too stretchy.
Outside - FLUFFY!!!!! Mottled grey.

Just gonna sew them together.

Gonna make the pockets on the inside unlike the original cause I think that makes more sense. Will do this by casting off all but first and last two stitches on the black piece and the cast on again so there is a hole and I'll sew the top up. I've also made a stash pocket by putting a couple of rows on scrap yarn and picking up later and knitting a pocket into the back.

I have no idea how I am going to make hood section other than I want it to be black on the inside and fluffy grey outside. Going to look for some inspiration on Rav. and see what I can do.