Friday, 26 November 2010

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Latvian Garden Baby Blanket

Ok.... 5 weeks in and about half way through now. I am gonna back it with a fleecy material and border each side with a grape coloured ribbon! I'm v. excited! I just wanna hurry up so I can move on with all the lovely other baby things to make for my soon to be born neice/phew!!

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Red Macaw Toy

This was a quick knit, only took a couple of days. It's about 12 inches long. I'm working on the pattern, didn't write it as I went cause I got a bit obsessed and just wanted to keep knitting. I'll post when i've figured out exactly what I did, lol.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Giraffe Patch

I made this as a coaster:

29 st X 32 rows.

Work in St st, follow chart:

Monday, 9 August 2010

Star Pattern

This is for a star worked from the centre out, alternatively there is a pattern for a star worked from points to centre here - it has a pretty swirly pattern in the centre and is the pattern used for the mario star. This one has straight lines coming from the centre instead.

Size: Approx 15 by 15 inches
6 x 3.25mm DPN
Sirdar Bonus DK, 100g x 1 (approx 1/4 of a ball for 1 side)

This is worked in the round from the centre out but to start cast on 10 stitches on 1 needle and knit a row then purl a row.

1: *P1, inc1, P1. Rep from *
2: K
Separate the stitches out onto the remaining needles (3 st on each needle)
Tie loose yarn to live yarn and start to work in the round.

3: *K1, inc1, K1, inc1, K1. Rep from * to end.
4 and all evens: K
5: *K1, inc1, K3, inc1, K1. Rep from * to end.
7: *K1, inc1, K5, inc1, K1. Rep from * to end.

Continue in this fashion until 35 stitches on each needle.

To make the points:

When you have completed you last round, take the live yarn to knit the point on the next needle, ignoring the other 4 for now.

1 and all odds: K1, K2tog, K to end
2 and all evens: P1, P2tog, P to end

Continue until only one stitch, tie off and cut live yarn. Repeat this process for each needle.
Sew the hole in the middle up.

I make these into cushions, just make 2 of these and sew together around the edges, leaving one point open. Fill with desire stuffing (I used bean bag beans), sew up remaining point!

I've made a load of these in different yarns and patterns. To make the spiral one I just alternated between black and white every 4 rows. The colourful one is made with King Cole Riot - Magic 404. Took a whole ball for that one and I used my Mario star pattern. The sirdar uses about half a ball per cushion.

I love sharing! WOO! But please give credit where credit's due and don't try to pass this off as or sell this(the pattern) as your own work! Ta muchly!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

new star pattern idea

hmmm.. I had a go at knitting from the inside out insead of doing the points then k2tog until all gone. Well, at first it sucks. knitting 10 stitches over 5 needles is hard work. but once you've gone round about ten times it piss easy. in my opinion it is easier than my previous method.

This is how i'm doing it so far:

needles: 3.25mm, yarn: Sirdar bonus dk.

c/o 10 st evenly over 5 needles

1 and all odds) K
2) *inc 1 k2 (rep from *)
4) *inc 1 k3 (rep from *)
6) *k1, inc1, k2, inc1, k1(rep from *)
8) *k1, inc1, k4, inc1, k1(rep from *)

continues in this fashion til as big as you want it! COOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! It's bitchin, and doesn't make the swirly thing in the middle (tho i like that for some styles) so it means you can fit more symmetrical decoration in there.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Stripey Star

Stars, stars, stars...

Hmm...obsessed with knitting different coloured stars atm. Currently making a black and white stripey number, but here's what i've done already:

Magic Riot:

And, ofcourse, Inviibility:

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Christmas Decoration Patterns

I'm gonna put these on the front of Christmas Cards.

These are all made with 3.25 mm needles and bonus dk

c/o 1 st

2: K1, inc1
3: P1, inc1, P1
4: K1, inc1, K2
5:P1, inc1, P3
6:K1, inc1, K4
7:P1, inc1, P5
8:K1, inc1, K6
9:P1, inc1, P7
10:K1, inc1, K8
11:P1, inc1, P9
12:bind off 4, k3, bind off 4, cut off yarn
13: P1, inc1, P2
14:K1, inc1, K5
15: P1, inc1, P6
16: K1, inc1, K7
17:P1, inc1, P8
18:K1, inc1, K9
19:P1, inc1, P10
20:K1, inc1, K11
21:bind off 5, P3, bind off 5, cut off yarn
22: K1, inc1, K2
23:P1, inc1, P3
24:K1, inc1, K4
25:P1, inc1, P5
26:K1, inc1, K6
27:P1, inc1, P7
28:K1, inc1, K8
29:P1, inc1, P9
30:K1, inc1, K10
31:P1, inc1, P11
32:K1, inc1, K12
33:P1, inc1, P13

Bind off all. Sew in loose ends.

Candy Cane

c/o 4 in white

Make an I-cord alternating colour every 3 rows until desire length. cut off yarn, thread thru live stitches and pull tight.

c/o 1 st
1: K
2: inc1, P1
3: inc1, K2
4: inc1, P3
5: inc1, K4
6: inc1, P5
7: P2tog, P4
8:K2tog, K3
9:P2tog, P2
10: inc1, P3
11: inc1, K4
12: inc1, P5
13:P2tog, P4
14:K2tog, K4
15:P2tog, P3
16:K2tog, K2
17:P2tog. P1
I-cord with 4 st, for 5 lines, cut yarn pull thrugh live stitches tightly.

Patterns for Bell, Star and Poinsettia to follow.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Rainbow Lattice Baby Blanket Pattern.

Yay! It's finished, only took 2 1/2 months (primarily knitted on bus journeys and a road trip to Paris and back). It's about 36in X 28in

Yarn: I used Bonus DK in purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

Using circular needle - size 3.25mm.

Cast on 208 in Purple.
1 (WS) and all other odd rows: p
2: k1, *LT, k4, RT; rep from *, end k1
4: k2, *LT, k2, RT, k2; rep from *
6: k3, *LT, RT, k4; rep from *, end last rep k3
8: k4, *RT, k6; rep from *, end last rep k4
10: k3, *RT, LT, k4; rep from *, end last rep k3
12: k2, *RT, k2, LT, k2; rep from *
14: k1, *RT, k4, LT; rep from *, end k1
16: k8, *LT, k6; rep from *, end k2
17-32 : Repeat rows 1-16
33 and odds to 63: P
34 and evens to 64: K

Repeat rows 1-64 in each colour. Cast off, sew in yarn ends.

LT = Left Twist, RT = Right Twist
(I got the stitch pattern from Knitting on the Net, and this is how I turned it into a blanket).

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Blanket Progress

Oh dear, can't believe i've been so un motivated with this - just over half way there now...and baby is due next week. Oh well, he wont need the blanket straight away, and atleast I have the shoesies XD

Monday, 19 April 2010

Baby Blanket

It's sooooooo cute, it's taking ages! It's not very far along, but I love the stitch!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

New Stitch - Lattice

Whoop! Learned a new stitch for a baby blanket - it's a thin lattice. Very cute. Learned it from there are loads of nice stitch patterns on here!

Friday, 26 March 2010

Pattern Program

OMG! Got home today and and Owen has only gone an writen me a program for making knitting pattern charts!!! Best boyfriend EVER!

He saw that it took me a million years drawing them out myself and has writen me a program that can change the size of the chart and the individual square (so i can get guage right) and he's putting the colour chart in now :D It's gonna make things uber speedy!!!

I'm super impressed :D

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Baby Clothes

Sooooooo, Mario is on hold at the moment cause of an influx in preggos! So far I have made some cute little baby bootees and I am gonna start an adorable little cardi I found on Rav soon.

Thursday, 4 March 2010


I appear to be improving at this colour changing thing. And I think I've decided on the best way of doing the patches, so may re-do these first few.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Pacman Patch

1 of ?? (possibly even ???) complete

It's about 5x5 inch

Colour Changing and the 8-bit blanket


I've learned how to successully colour change. This has resulted in planning a new project! I'm gonna make another patch blanket ('cause having 3 on the go already just ins't enough!). This time, retro game patches. I'm in the process of making up all the charts! Here's a sample of things to come:

(Sonic was a bit of a bitch)

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Mneh Mushroom

Booooo! My plan for the Mario Kart Mushroom has failed! So, i'm gonna start on the squid and go back to the mushroom when I know what the hell I am doing.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Yep, I'm gonna finish the Mario (hopefully by the end of March?) then the Biscuits (quite frankly, I expect to completely abandon this after 1 try) then PLANETS!! Hells yeah!!

First need to figure out how to knit a sphere....then add characteristic features...JUICEBISTER!!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Mario Kart Bullet Pattern

Needles: 4 x DPN 3.25mm

Yarn: Hayfield Bonus DK in Black and White.

Cast on 72 stitches evenly across 3 needles (24 on each) in black

To Make the Bullet:
Row 1-8 : Knit.
Row 9: *K4, K2tog, repeat from *
Row 10 : *K3, K2tog, repeat from *
Row 11 : *K2, K2tog, repeat from *
Row 12 : Knit.
Row 13 : *K3, Inc1 repeat from *
Row 14 : *K4, Inc1, repeat from *
Row 15 : *K5, Inc1, repeat from *
Row16-48: Knit.
Row 49+: keep knitting in the round, transferring the last stitch on each needle to the next then k2tog, until there are 3 stitches on each needle, cut yarn and thread through live stitches, pull tight, weave in ends.

For the back of the bullet
Cast on 3 st on each needle and knit in the round in black

Row1: K
Row2:*K1, Inc1, K1, Inc1, K1 (repeat from *)
Row3:*K1, Inc1, K3, Inc1, K1 (repeat from *)
Row4:*K1, Inc1, K5, Inc1, K1 (repeat from *)
Row5:*K1, Inc1, K7, Inc1, K1 (repeat from *)
Row6:*K1, Inc1, K9, Inc1, K1 (repeat from *)
Row7:*K1, Inc1, K11, Inc1, K1 (repeat from *)
Row8:*K1, Inc1, K13, Inc1, K1 (repeat from *)
Row9:*K1, Inc1, K15, Inc1, K1 (repeat from *)
Row10:*K1, Inc1, K17, Inc1, K1 (repeat from *)
Row11:*K1, Inc1, K19, Inc1, K1 (repeat from *)
Row12:*K1, Inc1, K21, Inc1, K1 (repeat from *)

Ok, now you need to do this for each needle - not knitting in the round. Complete theses rows on one needle, then the other ones separately.

Row1: bind off 2, K22, Slip last one
Row2: bind off 2, P19. Slip last one
Row3: bind off 2, K16, Slip Last one
Row4: bind off 2, P13, Slip last one
Row5: bind off 2, K10, Slip last one
row6: bind off all p wise.

To make the eyes:

First eye:
Co 14
Row1: K in black
Row2: P in bl
Row3: K1 bl, k2 White, k5 bl, k5 wh, k1 bl
Row4: P1 bl, p5 wh, p5 bl, p2 wh, p1 bl
Row5: K1 bl, k3 wh, k3 bl, k6 wh, k1 bl
Row6: P1 bl, p6 wh, p3 bl, p3 wh, p1 bl
Row7: K2tog in bl, k3 wh, k1 bl, k5 wh, k2tog wh, k1 bl,
Row8: P1 bl, P6 wh, P1 bl, P3 wh, P1 bl
Row9: skp, k to end.
Row10: P2tog, P to end
Row11: bind off

Second eye:
Co 14 in black
Row1: K in black
Row2: P in bl
Row3: K1 bl, k5 White, k5 bl, k2 wh, k1 bl
Row4: P1 bl, p2 wh, p5 bl, p5 wh, p1 bl
Row5: K1 bl, k6 wh, k3 bl, k3 wh, k1 bl
Row6: P1 bl, p3 wh, p3 bl, p6 wh, p1 bl
Row7: K2tog in bl, k5 w, k1 bl, k3 wh, k2tog wh, k1 bl,
Row8: P1 bl, P3 wh, P1 bl, P6 wh, P1 bl
Row9: skp, k to end.
Row10: P2tog, P to end
Row11: bind off

To make the Arms:

Co 12 – in white
Row 1, 3: K
Row2, 4, 6, 8: P
Rows: 5, 7: K
Row 9: bind off 3, K9
Row 10: bind off 3 p wise, P6
Row11: K
Row 12: P
Row 13: K
Rows 14:P
Row 15: add 3, K
Row 16: add 3, P
Rows 17, 19, 21, 23: K
Rows 18, 20, 22, 24: P
25: add 6, K
26: add 6, P
27, 29, 31, 33, 35: K
28, 30, 32, 34, 36: P
37: bind off.

Fold the arms up (with some filling in - I just used a bit of white wool) and sew together, bending at the elbow (rows:10-14). Sew 2 black lines on the hand to make fingers.

With black yarn co 15
Row 1: K
Row 2: P
Row 3: bind off.

Sew this around the shoulder (I guess??) of the arm- it makes it look neater when you sew the arm onto the body.

Sew on Hands, shoulder and eyes. Sew half of the back onto the bullet, fill with beans, and sew up! Weave in ends!!

I love sharing! WOO! But please give credit where credit's due and don't try to pass this off as or sell this(the pattern) as your own work! Ta muchly!

Mario Kart Bullet

Bullet is finished now, will post pattern later.

Commencing mushroom...

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Next project - Biscuits! NOM!

OMG! My attention span is shocking, i'm already thinking about my next project! I am going to knit a JAMMY DODGER!


Saturday, 13 February 2010

Mario Power Ups Project

Ok, Mario Project is underway!!! Click the images to go to the knitting patterns I've attempted to write for some of the toys I'm making.

Mario Invincibility Star
Started : Feb 10th '10
Finished: Feb 13th '10

I've decided on the bullet next, going with the ones I think are easiest and working my way up.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Rubik's Cube Bean Bag

Took a YEAR, a WHOLE YEAR, to knit this. Worth it tho'.

Mario Plus Knitting Equals Happy Rachel

I have sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many projects on the go. I get excited about something then half way through get an idea for something else and oops...another projected not finished.

So far there are 3 blankets, 2 rugs, a hat, a draft excluder and a bag.

WELL, they are all going to have to wait! Today I knitted a Super Mario Invincibility Star and tomorrow I start work haven't decided actually - one of these:

Mario Kart Invincibility Star Pattern

This pattern has moved to Lahela Knits

Basketweave Stitch Hat Pattern

Using 4 double pointed needles: Cast on 90 stitches (or any number ending in 0) evenly over 3 needles.

*(K5, P5) around for 4 rows
(P5, K5) around for 4 rows

Repeat from * until 4 pattern repeats from desired length.

(K5, P1, P2 tog, P2) around
(K5, P4) around
(K1, K1tog, K2, P4) around
(K4, P4) around

(P1, P2 tog, P1, K4) around
(P3, K4) around,
(P3, K1, K2tog, K1) around
(P3, K3) around

(K3, P1, P2tog) around
(K3, P2) around
(K1, K2tog, P2) around
(K2, P2) around

(P2tog, K2) around
(P1, K2) around
(P1, K2tog) around
(P1, K1) around

Cut wool and thread through the live stitches pull wool tight and weave in ends.

Copyright © 2010 Rachel Murray