Thursday, 11 February 2010

Basketweave Stitch Hat Pattern

Using 4 double pointed needles: Cast on 90 stitches (or any number ending in 0) evenly over 3 needles.

*(K5, P5) around for 4 rows
(P5, K5) around for 4 rows

Repeat from * until 4 pattern repeats from desired length.

(K5, P1, P2 tog, P2) around
(K5, P4) around
(K1, K1tog, K2, P4) around
(K4, P4) around

(P1, P2 tog, P1, K4) around
(P3, K4) around,
(P3, K1, K2tog, K1) around
(P3, K3) around

(K3, P1, P2tog) around
(K3, P2) around
(K1, K2tog, P2) around
(K2, P2) around

(P2tog, K2) around
(P1, K2) around
(P1, K2tog) around
(P1, K1) around

Cut wool and thread through the live stitches pull wool tight and weave in ends.

Copyright © 2010 Rachel Murray

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