Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Adult Brain Slug Hat Pattern

Size: LARGE (20-24" circumference).

Yarns: Hayfield Bonus DK, in Bright Green(1 ball max.), White & Black (small amounts)
Needles: 4 x 3mm dpns

For Hat:
C/o 116 st over 3 needles (38, 40, 38)
1) Join the needles in the round and knit in 'k2, p2' ribbing for 8 rounds.
2) K all rows until the entire piece measures 16cm
3) Continue in the round but on each needle knit the first two and last two together.

Repeat step 3 until 20 stitches left. Thread through live yarn and pull tight, sew in loose yarn.

For tentacles, make 2 I-cords with 6 st til measures 8cm

For eye,
with white cast on 6 stitches, k. Spread evenly on 3 needles.
1) *M1, k1 (rep from * to end)
2) *M1, K2 (rep from * to end)
3) *M1, k3 (rep from * to end)
4) *M1, k4 (rep from * to end)
5) K
6) *M1 k5 (rep from * to end)
7) *M1 k6 (rep from * to end)
8) K
9)* M1 k7 (rep from * to end)
10) K
11) Cast off.

With black and 2 needles
Co 4
1) K
2) P
3) K, m1, K2, m1, k
4) P
5) K
6) P
7) K2tog, k4, K2tog
8) P
Cast off. Sew into the centre of the white part of the eye.

Sewing together:
There will be three seams running along top from when decreasing the hat.
On the seam you want at the front sew the eye on over the corner where you started the decrease.
On the back two seams sew on the tentacles. About half way between edge of hat and centre of the hat.
Sew in any loose thread.


  1. Thanks :) I made it for a friend after they saw the baby version I did, that's why it's so big, lol. Specific measurement for a large head.

  2. What an amazing creation, slugtacularXXXXXXXXXX