Thursday, 5 August 2010

new star pattern idea

hmmm.. I had a go at knitting from the inside out insead of doing the points then k2tog until all gone. Well, at first it sucks. knitting 10 stitches over 5 needles is hard work. but once you've gone round about ten times it piss easy. in my opinion it is easier than my previous method.

This is how i'm doing it so far:

needles: 3.25mm, yarn: Sirdar bonus dk.

c/o 10 st evenly over 5 needles

1 and all odds) K
2) *inc 1 k2 (rep from *)
4) *inc 1 k3 (rep from *)
6) *k1, inc1, k2, inc1, k1(rep from *)
8) *k1, inc1, k4, inc1, k1(rep from *)

continues in this fashion til as big as you want it! COOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! It's bitchin, and doesn't make the swirly thing in the middle (tho i like that for some styles) so it means you can fit more symmetrical decoration in there.

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