Monday, 9 August 2010

Star Pattern

This is for a star worked from the centre out, alternatively there is a pattern for a star worked from points to centre here - it has a pretty swirly pattern in the centre and is the pattern used for the mario star. This one has straight lines coming from the centre instead.

Size: Approx 15 by 15 inches
6 x 3.25mm DPN
Sirdar Bonus DK, 100g x 1 (approx 1/4 of a ball for 1 side)

This is worked in the round from the centre out but to start cast on 10 stitches on 1 needle and knit a row then purl a row.

1: *P1, inc1, P1. Rep from *
2: K
Separate the stitches out onto the remaining needles (3 st on each needle)
Tie loose yarn to live yarn and start to work in the round.

3: *K1, inc1, K1, inc1, K1. Rep from * to end.
4 and all evens: K
5: *K1, inc1, K3, inc1, K1. Rep from * to end.
7: *K1, inc1, K5, inc1, K1. Rep from * to end.

Continue in this fashion until 35 stitches on each needle.

To make the points:

When you have completed you last round, take the live yarn to knit the point on the next needle, ignoring the other 4 for now.

1 and all odds: K1, K2tog, K to end
2 and all evens: P1, P2tog, P to end

Continue until only one stitch, tie off and cut live yarn. Repeat this process for each needle.
Sew the hole in the middle up.

I make these into cushions, just make 2 of these and sew together around the edges, leaving one point open. Fill with desire stuffing (I used bean bag beans), sew up remaining point!

I've made a load of these in different yarns and patterns. To make the spiral one I just alternated between black and white every 4 rows. The colourful one is made with King Cole Riot - Magic 404. Took a whole ball for that one and I used my Mario star pattern. The sirdar uses about half a ball per cushion.

I love sharing! WOO! But please give credit where credit's due and don't try to pass this off as or sell this(the pattern) as your own work! Ta muchly!

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  1. This is absolutely perfect for a project that my 4 year old niece has asked for! Thank you so much for publishing this pattern, and even more for making it free!